About - kertu

Hi, I'm Kertu. 

I'm an Estonian girl who loves photography, travel and adventure. My current address is in Dubai, UAE.

You can also find me on InstagramAnd purchase my photos and videos online.

My work has been published / featured in:

National Geographic Daily Dozen Dec 12, 2014

National Geographic Daily Dozen Aug 16, 2017

Shutterstock.com blog Jan 2, 2019

Postimees travel story Jan 31, 2019

National Geographic Abu Dhabi travel feature Mar 29, 2019

Shutterstock.com blog Apr 26, 2019

Shutterstock.com blog May 24, 2019

My travels have so far taken me to 74 countries. 

Most recently I've visited Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Namibia, Botswana and San Marino.